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Weight Gain Shake Preparation

By SupliMed Nutrients

SupliMed Substi-Meal is a Weight Gain Powder, created for its ease-of-use and nutritious benefits.

It is important to remember that as the best weight gainer supplement, SupliMed has designed this drink to be easily soluble in milk or water for a variety in flavors, consistencies and taste. Variety plays an integral role in successful weight gain and the key is continuous consumption of additional calories.

Weight Gain Shake

Our recommendations include:

  • Mix SupliMed Weight Gain Powder in a Shaker or Blender.  Stirring does not always dissolve the weight gain shake as well.
  • Suggested use: 1 Scoop Weight Gain Powder or more mixed with 1 Cup (or more) Milk, Water, or your favorite liquid.
  • Find what mixture works for you - play around with measurements to find your style.
  • SupliMed Substi-meal is powder formulated to be mixed in a variety of ways - exactly how you prefer.
  • Refrigerate any left-over weight gain drink.  Simply shake, stir or blend to drink again. 

As SupliMed is a soluble weight gain powder, it is easily transportable and travels well.  Take it as a weight gain supplement or meal replacement shake when attending work, school or events. 

At SupliMed, we understand the need for nutrition on-the-go! Simply add liquid to the Substi-Meal powder, shake in your container and you have a delicious and high-calorie weight gainer drink regardless of location!

Homemade Weight Gain Shake Recipes

Gaining weight should be treated as something fun and not a chore. Our weight gain shake is so adaptable that you can use it alone or add it to other foods to increase opportunities to ingest more calories and dense foods.  Gaining weight is simple when you add extra calories to your everyday foods or meals. 

Some versatile ways to use high calorie weight gainers include:

  • Use our weight gainer as coffee creamer, on cereal or with ice cream. We recommend the Vanilla Cream flavor.
  • While the weight gain powder cannot replace flour, you can easily add calories by adding the weight gain supplement to everyday foods:
    • Pancake Batter
    • Cookie Mix
    • Puddings
    • Or Icings
  • Blend to add additional calories, such as:
    • Canned, Dried or Frozen Fruit and Berries
    • Honey
    • Jam
    • Wheat Germ
    • Bananas
    • Peaches
    • Strawberries
    • Blueberries
    • Blackberries
    • and Raspberries
    • or Fruit Juices and Nectars
  • High calorie weight gainers can include:
    • Added Ice Cream
    • Full-Fat Yogurts
    • Hershey's Chocolate Flavoring
    • Pudding
    • Peanut Butter
  • Get creative when making your homemade weight gain shake!

SupliMed Weight Gainers make your weight gain enjoyable and great tasting while offering endless opportunities to bring healthy calories to your weight gain diet.

Tips for Using Weight Gain Shakes

Continuing a weight gain supplement is an individual decision, often based on variety in diet and enjoyment of taste and flavor. 

SupliMed takes that into consideration when designing all of our products and we offer a variety of flavored weight gain shakes to help you gain weight and continue achieving your goals.  Regardless of whether you are just beginning or are a veteran at gaining and maintaining weight, there are several high-calorie Weight Gainer tips to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Weight gain products that mix protein and milk can sometimes lead to intestinal gas.  We recommend drinking smaller shakes at a time and several of them throughout the day.

They can be more easily digested and do not cause that bloated feeling.  If you encounter these symptoms, try taking an over-the-counter anti-gas remedy available in pharmacies and retail stores.  Also try drinking slowly and do not over-drink to allow digestion to work optimally and efficiently.

SupliMed Substi-Meal is not only a weight gain product; it is also a meal replacement shake with many nutrients and calories. As there are a variety of vitamins in our weight gain shakes, you may find that your urine is a brighter yellow. This is normal and should not be a cause of concern!

Remember, to effectively gain weight, it is important to continue eating regular full meals and include calories and nutrients to gain healthily!

SupliMed Weight Gainer

Our convenient and versatile weight gainer drink is brought to you in a variety of flavors to suit your taste. 

You have complete control over your weight gain diet through flavor, concentration and added calories to reach the goals you've made and change your life.  SupliMed Weight Gainer is available in:

Best of luck with your weight gain diet!  People across the globe look to SupliMed Nutrients to reach their weight gain needs and we are sure that our weight gain shakes will help you fulfill yours as well.

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