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Sixteen 8-ounce servings per
Over 650 calories per serving

SupliMed® Substi-Meal is not reserved for only medical use and gaining weight. Health conscious outdoor enthusiasts and athletes mix SupliMed® Substi-Meal with water and enjoy a flavorful, energizing beverage, rich in the nutrients necessary for replenishment of essential fuels for increased endurance. Active teens, known for poor dietary habits, love to blend SupliMed® Substi-Meal with ice cream, fruits and flavored syrups for a delicious treat, teeming with the valuable nutrients growing bodies require. People of all ages, everywhere, simply love SupliMed® Substi-Meal. SupliMed® Substi-Meal contains lactase to counter milk intolerance and it mixes well with water or milk.

You can make a delicious SupliMed Substi-meal shake in a blender or simply shake the powder & milk (or water) in any closed container. Since any container with a good seal will work as a shaker, you can take SupliMed with you when you travel & have a delicious shake wherever you go. SupliMed Substi-meal is a dry powder that dissolves quickly and your shake is ready to drink in an instant. With SupliMed there’s no excuse not to follow your weight gain diet.

Each SupliMed Substi-meal shake, when prepared with 8 oz of milk, provides over 650 great tasting calories, high in nutrition and ingredients for gaining weight.

Our goal with SupliMed® Substi-Meal: To provide you with the best nutrition for your health, the best calories for your weight management, the best flavor for your enjoyment and the best price for your budget.

To help you stick to your weight gain diet, SupliMed® Substi-Meal gives you flexibility. You decide how much powder to use when you make your shake. We suggest 1 scoop per 8 ounces of milk, but that’s just one of many recipes for weight gain. If you prefer to use only part of a scoop, or a scoop and a half to make the perfect calorie-adding shake, go ahead. Weight gain supplements only work if you continue taking them. The variety and flexibility of SupliMed help you do just that.

Try these tasty recipes for weight gain:

  • Instead of water or milk, blend orange juice with the Strawberry Smoothie weight gain flavor to make a delightful tropical tasting punch beverage.
  • Add pudding or yogurt to the blender for extra calories and variety.
  • Add peanut butter to a chocolate shake for extra flavor and get the added benefit of supplementary calories and nutrients.
  • Add berries and fruit - fresh, frozen and canned all mix well and add super flavor - for additional calories.
  • Add the Vanilla Cream weight gainer to coffee as a creamer or sprinkle it over cereal.
  • Add SupliMed Substi-meal to pancake mix or cookie batter to add a few extra calories to the tasty treats.

When gaining weight, every calorie counts. You should take advantage of every opportunity to maximize weight gain.

Best weight gain results occur when SupliMed Substi-meal is used in addition to meals to provide the extra calories needed for gaining weight. Even though SupliMed Substi-meal can be used as a meal replacement, the best weight gain diet results occur when it is used as a supplement – adding extra calories, not replacing lost ones. It may be best to have the shakes after a meal to prevent becoming full before a meal and cutting back on food. It is sometimes easier to sip a beverage after eating than it is to have a full meal after finishing a weight gain shake. Drinking smaller shakes frequently throughout the day is generally more effective than drinking a few large shakes during the day. Drinking smaller shakes allows the digestive system ample time to process the nutrients comfortably and helps avoid bloating.

SupliMed Substi-meal works very well for those who rely on weight gain supplements as the primary source of nutrition. Due to the high level of nutrients and over 650 calories per serving, it is easy to gain and maintain weight – even for those who suffer cancer weight loss. The preparation suggestions apply to many of those who need to gain weight for whatever reason – be it illness, surgery, treatment, natural thinness, or a simple desire to put some “meat on the bones”.

It is not necessary to work out to gain weight with SupliMed Substi-meal, but exercise does contribute to a healthy body. The calories, protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients contained in each serving of SupliMed Substi-meal weight gain shakes will benefit your work outs incredibly. SupliMed Substi-meal gives you the fuel you need to keep yourself in good health, and provides the nutrients you need for muscle growth and development.

One of the best qualities of SupliMed Substi-meal is that you can tailor your weight gain shakes to match your individual needs and achieve weight gain results!