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"If you’ve lost weight and want to gain back needed pounds or you have patients who have difficulty with diet and nutrition, SupliMed® Substi-meal is a product that really delivers. You’ll love the flavors and enjoy creating a variety of tasty shakes. You’ll gain needed nutrition and enjoy the flavor so much you’ll look forward to your next shake. Once you try SupliMed® Substi-meal, you’ll be so pleased other products just won’t compare. That’s a promise!"

What People Are Saying!

I need to say your weight gain stuff surprised me. It does taste super good and I gained 13 pounds! So many products are hyped and don't deliver, but Suplimed is for real. I recommended SupliMed to my friend who also needs to gain weight. Thanks for a good product.
Alicia Walker
Houston, TX

MMMMM, that’s one very good smoothie! As said By Derek, age 9, when given a sip of his grandfather’s SupliMed shake
Derek, age 9

Thank you for such a wonderful product. My husband is ill and underweight. I was afraid nothing would work. I heard of your product from a nurse and decided to try it. He enjoys the shakes and has put on 9 pounds. He is looking so much better, he has gotten more of his appetite back and I feel so lucky to have heard of your product.
Cynthia Wilson
Seattle, WA

At first I was skeptical but decided to go ahead and try a single container. You are right, SupliMed Substi-meal does taste great and I like it with ice cream and berries. It has no after taste like I expected. It is as good as any milk shake. Best of all, it works for gaining weight. I put on 3 pounds in a week and re-ordered the case.
Brian Clark
Orlando, FL

Let me tell you that your powder mix is the best on the market. I ordered some for my wife and she just thinks it's great. She has gained weight and feels so much better. I decided to try some and now I have a shake a day for the nutritional value and it just tastes so darn good! I talk about SupliMed to anyone interested. I learned about SupliMed from a clinic and I'm glad I did. Keep it up.
Harry Whitson
Eugene, OR

I'm a repeat customer because I like how SupliMed tastes and I have gained weight within a few days. Now I keep SupliMed on hand so I don't run out. I have increased my appetite after seeing the results with SupliMed. I was worried I would never be able to gain weight. But once I saw my first few pounds, I got excited. I have gained 12 pounds and have a shake whenever I find myself skipping meals or being more active. Between my meals and a few shakes, I have kept the weight on. Thanks for a great product.
Victoria Sanchez
Phoenix AZ

SupliMed works! I like the taste and it helped me gain weight for football. I needed to gain more weight and tried some of the stuff in stores. The SupliMed was the best tasting. Way better than those protein powders and the results were quick. I gained my first 4 pounds in a week. I ate regular meals and used the SupliMed as a drink with the food. I also had a shake after working out. Good stuff.
Mark Mitchell

If you want to gain weight and want a shake that does the job without tasting bad, my suggestion is SupliMed Substi-meal. I have tried different shakes and powdered mix. Some I got in the health food stores and others from a gym. The gym stuff was way too expensive and too hard core for me. Some of the other products worked OK but didn't taste as good as the SupliMed. Besides, I saw quicker results with the SupliMed. It works for me.
David Williams
Los Angeles, CA

I was thin most of my life and wanted to gain about 15 pounds. I saw the SupliMed on the Internet and ordered a container to try. I was hoping it would not be just another product that makes promises. UPS delivered the box and the shake I made was really good. I was really pleased with the flavor. I gained 3 pounds in a week. I have gained 11 pounds so far.
Patti Hammond
Atlanta GA

SupliMed Substi-meal works for me! I wanted to gain weight but some of the other products I tried just didn't seem to work. I was cautious at first, but decided to order on line. I'm glad I did. The best thing is this tastes just like any smoothie or frosty when I mix in ice cream and some fruit like it says. This is a great weight gain shake.
Linda Barnett
Pittsburgh, PA

I tried to gain weight with other products and they didn't work for me. I was worried that SupliMed Substi-meal would be like the others. I was surprised to gain 3 pounds in the first week! It tastes really good and I have gained 16 pounds. Thank you for such a wonderful product that really works.
Shantay Jackson
Chicago, IL

I wanted to gain 10-15 pounds and SupliMed was just what I needed. The flavors were surprisingly good, just like a milk shake. I mixed 2-3 shakes a day and saw results in just a few days. If you are like I was, tired of being too thin, Suplimed Substi-meal is a super weight gain shake. I reached my goal in a few weeks and like the extra weight. I'm not so thin and I feel more healthy.
Patricia Barnett
Brooklyn, NY

SupliMed Substi-meal works, simple as that. I was skeptical since products can promise but then don't work. I weighed myself in 3 days and had gained a couple pounds. I was thrilled! I gained 13 pounds in a month. .Thank you for backing up the hype with real weight gain results. I would recommend SupliMed to anyone.
David Collins

Dear SupliMed, I have a recent medical condition that affects my digestion and it is very hard for me to eat solid foods. I was losing so much weight I thought I was going to just waste away. I found SupliMed on the internet and I'm so glad I did. Your product has made all the difference is my life. I can drink your shakes and I have gained 10 pounds! I was afraid nothing would ever work. I have 3 shakes a day and enjoy the flavors so much and have so much more energy. I would have been happy if SupliMed just worked, but when it tastes so good and works, it is delightful. I can't thank you enough for SupliMed. It has saved my life.
Michelle LaMore
LaCrosse, WI

"As a physician, I appreciate that SupliMed® Substi-meal is free of herbs and contains no pharmaceuticals to react with other medications. Patients who have a reduced appetite respond very well to the Suplimed® product and demonstrate a gain in weight. The boost in nutritional value attributes to a feeling of well-being."
John Terry, M.D.
Billings, MT

"As a nurse, I know proper nutrition is so important, yet difficult to maintain with many patients. SupliMed® Substi-meal provides an abundance of essential nutrients and a super dose of calories. Patients love the taste. I always suggest Suplimed® to patients with dietary concerns."
Hallie Clark, RN
Northern Rockies Cancer Center

"I was not sick but was too thin and wanted to gain weight. SupliMed® Substi-meal worked for my uncle who was ill, so I decided to try it. I love the shakes and gaining extra pounds came surprisingly easily. I put on 12 pounds."
Jill Fogel

"If you like milk shakes or chocolate milk, you’ll love SupliMed® Substi-meal. This is the best tasting stuff I’ve ever had. I’m 20 and tired of being too skinny. I gained 3 ½ pounds in the first week. Now I’m mixing shakes all the time. My goal is 20 pounds."
Matt Stevenson

"As a patient, since my illness and therapy, I lost weight. I’ve looked for a weight gain product that is actually flavorful and loaded with calories. SupliMed® Substi-meal is the best of both, great flavor and high calorie!"
Alan Ponrick
Billings, MT


"To the makers of Suplimed®:

The creator of Suplimed® happens to be a cancer survivor who was treated at the oncology office where I work. I was able to see first hand how well the product worked as I offered this wonderful product to other patients struggling to maintain or gain weight.

Patients who were losing weight every week tried Suplimed® and began holding steady. Some even gained weight. Patients who struggled to put weight back on began to easily gain weight with Suplimed®. This was not happening with other, more well known, nutritional supplement products. These patients especially liked the taste of Suplimed®.

I can attest to the success our patients have attained in gaining or maintaining weight during chemotherapy treatment with the use of this fine product.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this exciting news with other oncology professionals and patients."
Fred Boullie, LPN

Gain Weight Fast With SupliMed Substi-meal.

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