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Q. I am not sick, is SupliMed® Substi-meal recommended for healthy people who want to gain weight?
A. Yes. Although SupliMed® Substi-meal was originally developed for patients with illness needing to gain weight, it is equally as beneficial weight gain solution for healthy people. The extra calories and abundant nutrients will help you gain weight while providing you with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Q. Do I need a prescription for SupliMed® Substi-meal?
A. No, SupliMed® Substi-meal is not a medication or pharmaceutical product and it contains no herbs. It is a natural nutritional supplement developed to add extra calories and nutrients to your diet to put on weight.

Q. Is SupliMed® Substi-meal available in stores?
A. Not at this time. You can order SupliMed® Substi-meal directly from the company and UPS will deliver to your address at company direct prices.

Q. How many pounds can I gain?
A. Weight gain varies, but the accepted formula is: to gain 2 pounds in a week, you need to take in 1000 more calories each day than your body naturally needs. One standard size SupliMed® shake (one scoop and 8oz whole milk) contains 665 calories. 4 shakes in a day will provide more than 2600 calories.

Q. When can I see results?
A. Weight gain depends on different factors such as your activity level, your metabolic rate, your diet, how many SupliMed® shakes you have and how often you have them. With 2-4 shakes a day, gaining 2-4 pounds in a week is acceptable.

Q. How much has someone gained with SupliMed® Substi-meal?
A. 27 pounds in one month is the most anyone has revealed. That person went from 130 pounds to 157 pounds with 4 standard size SupliMed® shakes each day for the month.

Q. What can I mix with SupliMed® Substi-meal to get more calories?
A. By adding ice cream, fruits ( banana, berries, peaches) and flavored syrups ( to Vanilla Cream) when you blend a SupliMed® shake, you get additional calories.

Q. Does SupliMed® Substi-meal have any cholesterol
A. No. SupliMed® Substi-meal is cholesterol free. You can mix SupliMed® Substi-meal with water and still get 500 calories per shake. Adding milk does add some chloresterol and this can be reduced with 2% milk rather than whole milk.

Q. What if I skip meals?
A. SupliMed® Substi-meal can be a substitute meal. SupliMed® Substi-meal provides more than the daily allowance of the nutrients the body needs.

Q. Can I manage my weight with SupliMed® Substi-meal?
A. Yes. Because one shake is 665 calories and contains an abundance of valuable nutrients, you can have a shake in place of a fast food lunch for example and provide your body with the healthy fuel you need and not the junk food.

Q. Any major side effects with SupliMed Substi-meal?
A. SupliMed Substi-meal is a combination of nutritional ingredients available in the grocery store and found in foods, no medications, no herbs, and no stimulants. Unless there is an individual problem with any of the specific ingredients, such as sugar for diabetic users or any restrictions on protein for example, there are no major side effects.

Q. What about bloating with SupliMed Substi-meal?
A. When larger portions of SupliMed are consumed or servings consumed too close to one other, some bloating can occur. Sometimes this can lead to looser bowel movements. The recommendation is to have smaller shakes throughout the day rather than having larger shakes at one time. This will allow your system more time to process the nutrients. The end of the day benefits are the same with smaller shakes taken comfortably throughout the day.

Q. Is brighter yellow urine normal after having SupliMed shakes?
A. Brighter yellow urine indicates the excess vitamins being discharged. The body utilizes the vitamins it needs and removes any additional vitamins through the normal urine process. This is particularly common with the vitamin B varieties and other water soluble vitamins.

Q What is a healthy rate of weight gain?
A. 2-3 pounds per week is comfortable and attainable without stress. Some can gain more weight per week since each body is unique in metabolism and needs. Trying to gain excessive amounts in a short time is not a realistic or health conscious activity.

Q. Can SupliMed Substi-meal be used if diabetic?
A. SupliMed Substi-meal contains sugars and diabetic users are recommended to consult with their doctor and dietician. Diabetic users have experienced success with SupliMed Substi-meal when used in a supervised manner of health and diet management.

Q. Can SupliMed be used by children?
A. SupliMed Substi-meal was developed using adult nutritional guidelines for daily allowances of the ingredients. Children are smaller and have different nutritional levels. Usually a 12 year old or older child will be fine with SupliMed. Younger children can benefit with reduced size servings to account for the smaller frames. Children under the ages of 12 should have a medical consultation and review of the ingredients to develop serving sizes and frequency.

Q. Can SupliMed Substi-meal work with a fast metabolism?
A. Individual metabolisms vary and those with higher rates need to have more calories. SupliMed Substi-meal provides those extra calories and nutrients needed for high metabolism weight gain. It is important to continue your meals for best results; otherwise the SupliMed shakes will be only replacing missing meal calories rather than adding more calories to your diet.

Q. Is exercise needed to gain weight with SupliMed?
A. Exercise is a healthy activity and contributes to weight gain when properly utilized; however, SupliMed Substi-meal was developed for successful weight gain without the need for exercise to achieve results. Many users do complement the SupliMed shakes with a workout plan for muscle tone and development, but it is not necessary.

Q. What is the recommended number of daily servings?
A. Each body is unique and needs vary, so 1- 4 servings a day is recommended. Each serving, with milk, provides over 650 calories. So 2 servings is over 1300 calories, 3 is over 2000 calories and 4 servings provide over 2600 calories. The number of servings depends on the individual needs and tolerances. It is best to have smaller servings throughout the day rather than having one or two very large shakes at one time. It is better to space the servings to allow your system time to digest the nutrients comfortably.

Q. Once weight is gained, is SupliMed needed to keep the weight?
A. After gaining weight, your body requires enough calories and nutrients to support and maintain the weight. These calories can come from a variety of foods, not just from SupliMed Substi-meal. Many of those who have gained their weight have kept a tub of SupliMed on hand to have as a periodic shake to make up for some lost meals and over-active days that burn more calories.

Remember, weight gain is a process, not an event.

SupliMed® Substi-meal makes that process enjoyable by offering more calories and delicious tasting shakes for your pleasure. SupliMed® works!!

Gain Weight Fast With SupliMed Substi-meal.

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